To EARN as a Pet Sitter/Host?

Turn your passion for pets into a rewarding professional career. 

If you are charmed by all things furred, feathered and finned, this is the profession for you. As a professional pet sitter, you will care for people's pets while they're away, either for the day or for longer periods of time like during vacations or business trips. Pet sitters play with their charges, feed them, brush them, and possibly give them medication or injections. 

Both pet sitting and dog walking are still in their infancy as recognized professions, but it is a good side-income:

For example:  You can earn RM 20-60 (or SGD40-60 in Singapore) per head per day if you can take care of other's pet from home. You can even earn more if you would like to take 2-3 pets all together.  Let help you on this!


Do you have a passion for pets? Interested in a career change, a new business opportunity or a second source of income?