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We love dog, like what you do. Pet boarding in Ipoh.

Viki pet house

Viki pet house Perak


L.A. pet home

L.A. pet home Perak

提供宠物住宿,和基本美容。对照顾和养育猫狗有一定的经验,可以全时间照顾与陪伴。Familiar to dogs and cats care. Fine skill and knowledge of pet grooming and feeding. Accommodation available with full time pet sitter.

Janice's lovely pet house

Janice's lovely pet house Perak

My name is chian yee, can call me Janice. I like pet because animals make people love them, cute, do something funny things. Pet just like a human and i dont like that dogs are caged in home when family is went for trip!

CY's warm pet house

CY's warm pet house Perak

Although I'm a cat lover, I can take care of dogs too. Although I've never go and have myself some pet care classes, I have a strong passion and warm heart to take care of the fur kids. Please do not hesitate to find me to take care of your lovely fur kids. :)

Rachel's Lovely PetCare

Rachel's Lovely PetCare Perak

I'm a huge animal lover, living in Ipoh. I live in a sizable bungalow with ample space for a pet to roam around freely.  One of the things I love to do apart from playing and taking care of my dogs, is watching how Cesar Milan trains humans and rehabilitates dogs on the Dog Whisperer program. Th


Arthur Perak

I'm a student studying at kampar  I owned a dog but unfortunately it passed away  Know some knowledges about cats and dogs but would like to learn more about them  Please do contact me for more information  :D        


Lixuan_1128 Perak

A dog lover❤️ Can take care your dog well as I have a dog too ❤️ 

Estee Tong

Estee Tong Perak

I have a dog and he has been my best friend for 14 years. He is very old and having some difficulties of walking now. Sometimes I can tell from his eye that he is waiting for his time to come and that feeling is very heart-breaking to me. The reason I join Petsodia, becoming the host is hoping to fi


yihui0225 Perak

Hi, I am a pet lover. My ambition is to be a vet but still need to depends on my result

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