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Qi Kual lumpur

from user Lesh Wong Li Chia 04/11

Qi gave a fantastic service as Giorgio return healthy and happy as always! Fun time with older friends at Qi's place seems to have a positive effect on Giorgio too, for he is more well-behaved and lovable now! Bonus!

Dhamayanti Regunathan Petaling Jaya

from user 04/09

Top notch service. Very caring and understanding based on circumstances. Also, give away few products for free upon knowing my dog has skin problem. Definitely will go back to Dhama if necessary

A_Day_With_Liza Petaling Jaya

from user 03/20

Our 2 Schnauzers seems had a great time, and the frequent updates from Liza with pictures / videos during the 2 weeks we were away were most appreciated! Plenty of space for them to run around indoors and outdoors Would definitely recommend, will be booking again when the next trip comes up

Jennifer & Roy Bailey Rawang

from user Wayne Ccw 02/26

A_Day_With_Liza Petaling Jaya

from user 02/23

Absolute highly recommended .... 10⭐️ Liza n Dave took care Kudo better than his own mommy ”me”. If is not missing him being away from Kudo I would have let him be there everyday. This is a real comfy n cozy place for your fury kids.... This is not only a loving care boarding place but a good training centre as well..... Kudo came home with a different eating habit compared before he was fussy n picky hours to finish his food ... now just easy like 2min done his breakfast n dinner. I’m sure Kudo will be looking forward to his next vacation. Ps: Thanks Brandy for being such a great host! XXX Blurr, Grace & Kudo

Qi Kual lumpur

from user Lesh Wong Li Chia 02/21

Pet is well-taken care of, thanks so much!

Dhamayanti Regunathan Petaling Jaya

from user Sia Bobo 02/19

Qi Kual lumpur

from user 02/03

Scarlett is a natural when it comes to cats. It took mine no time at all to feel comfortable and become it's mischievous self. Would highly recommend this sitter!

Qi Kual lumpur

from user Lesh Wong Li Chia 02/02

Scarlett is super friendly and helpful, full of affection and love for my kitten. He has a good time there with two adult cats and have even learned to eat dry food! Will highly recommend the service of this carer, the environment of the house is clean and laid back and your feline friends will have good time there!

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