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Finally there is somewhere I can share my love with all the other pets lovers.

Though due to my job and apartment size, I can only take care of pets that can stay in a cage like hamster etc, or pets able to self care like cats for now, i will definitely try my best to treat them same as mine and  let them feel home! 

Mi casa su casa~ :p

My girl and boy roam wherever they like in the apartment, so will yours.

They will play with me [1 after another]almost every night, so will yours.


I will surely send u Photos/videos, video call with your babies is also possible~


Oh, speaking of halal, no one eat non halal food at home and no one will feed them other than pet food.


Both my cats are neutered, vaccinated.

Special Accommodations

  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Pets that require medicine
  • Halal Family
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Pets that are not house-trained yet

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User Reviews

Qi gave a fantastic service as Giorgio return healthy and happy as always! Fun time with older friends at Qi's place seems to have a positive effect on Giorgio too, for he is more well-behaved and lovable now! Bonus!

Lesh Wong Li Chia 04/11

Pet is well-taken care of, thanks so much!

Lesh Wong Li Chia 02/21

Scarlett is a natural when it comes to cats. It took mine no time at all to feel comfortable and become it's mischievous self. Would highly recommend this sitter!


Scarlett is super friendly and helpful, full of affection and love for my kitten. He has a good time there with two adult cats and have even learned to eat dry food! Will highly recommend the service of this carer, the environment of the house is clean and laid back and your feline friends will have good time there!

Lesh Wong Li Chia 02/02

Perfect sitter for my cat. The cats are free to roam in the apartment and Qi was very kind and helpful in taking care of my Kitty. Thanks again!!

Rachel Jensen 01/01

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