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I love animals and have 2 cats and 3 dogs as my own pets. I have over 20 years of caring for various types of animals. I have pets since I was a kid and used to volunteer at Zoo Negara after PMR until before Uni. In Uni I was active with the Equine (horse) club. Pets are a MUST in my life or my life is not complete and empty. 

As pet owner, I understand and share your concern for their well-being.  Trust that I will care and love your beloved pets as my own.

Boarding for cats 


1) Private room : your cat(s) will have a whole room to themselves as I will take in your pets only so there will be no mixing with others. If your cat is the type that likes privacy and love their individuality, I can provide that safe and loving place for them and them only. There is a surcharge of RM5 per day per cat for private room.

2) Large cage : your cat(s) will be in a cage with playtime once a day in the evening.

Boarding for dogs


House area. Festive seasons only. Free bath for more than 5 days boarding.

Dog bathing - additional RM20 for small and medium, RM30 for large.


1. Please ensure your pets vaccination is up to date and in good health before sending for any boarding. It is your responsibility as pet owners. 

2. Please ensure that your pets are free of fleas and ticks. You need to put spot on fleas treatment at least 48 hours before boarding. Additional charge applies if your pets are found with fleas and ticks including spot on treatment and pest control charges.


Twice a day in the morning and evening. I'd suggest you bring their usual food. 

Please inform if your pet has special needs. 



Special Accommodations

  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Pets that require medicine
  • Separation anxiety
  • Advanced senior issues, such as dementia, incontinence, etc

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