Can I trust petsodia.com?

Yes, you sure can! The founder of petsodia.com is a pet lover himself, so we truly understand your concerns about leaving your pet with a stranger, which is why we require every user to create an account with us, with a complete profile to allow pet owners to browse for pet sitters before selecting the right ones for their pets.

We also understand that everyone is different – some pet sitters are less experienced whilst some are – some may not be able to keep big dogs due to lack of space – and many more. Likewise, our platform helps pet owners make a research about pet sitters and their homes beforehand.



Frequently Asked Questions

We incorporated: 3 Nov, 2014 as Petsodia Sdn Bhd,  Reg. number (1115997-M)

What is petsodia.com?


Petsodia.com is a platform that connects pet owners to pet lovers who are willing to host their pets while they’re away be it for work or leisure, so that their pets will always feel like at home.


Is petsodia.com a pet hotel provider?


No, we are not just another pet hotel provider. We use a Peer to Peer (User to User) platform that helps pet owners find the right pet sitters to care for their pets while they’re away. We help build relationships, so that pet owners can directly contact pet sitters of their choice whenever they need pet accommodation. In return, pet sitters will get to earn extra incomes.


What makes petsodia.com unique?


We are unique because we are not just a pet boarding service that merely provides “space” for pets, but we also ensure that they receive a proper home, without having to get locked up in the cage. We want to make them feel like at home even while their “parents” are away for business or holiday. The idea is to allow pets to enjoy the same kind of treatment that they would get at home – being taken care of, given the attention they need, and the freedom to walk freely. Unlike pet hotels, petsodia.com adopts a win-win mechanism for pet owners and pet sitters. 


Which areas will be served?


We are now expanding around KL, but pet owners and pet sitters throughout Malaysia are all welcomed to sign up as members to start enjoying the service.



Benefits to pets:


Benefits to pet owners:

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