Can I trust petsodia.com?

Yes, you sure can! The founder of petsodia.com is a pet lover himself, so we truly understand your concerns about leaving your pet with a stranger, which is why we require every user to create an account with us, with a complete profile to allow pet owners to browse for pet sitters before selecting the right ones for their pets.

We also understand that everyone is different – some pet sitters are less experienced whilst some are – some may not be able to keep big dogs due to lack of space – and many more. Likewise, our platform helps pet owners make a research about pet sitters and their homes beforehand.

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What is petsodia.com?

Petsodia.com is a platform that connects pet owners to pet lovers who are willing to host their pets while they’re away be it for work or leisure, so that their pets will always feel like at home.

All the pet lovers can start to earn from home as a pet sitter, or pet carer with NO UP-FRONT registration fee, unlike other similar platform, you may need to purchase CREDITs in order to get valid requests, otherwise, they will feed you with expired or distant requests.

Is petsodia.com a pet hotel provider?

No, we are not just another pet hotel provider. We use a Peer to Peer (User to User) platform that helps pet owners find the right pet sitters to care for their pets while they’re away. We help build relationships, so that pet owners can directly contact pet sitters of their choice whenever they need pet accommodation. In return, pet sitters will get to earn extra incomes.

What makes petsodia.com unique?

We are unique because we are not just a pet boarding service that merely provides “space” for pets, but we also ensure that they receive a proper home, without having to get locked up in the cage. We want to make them feel like at home even while their “parents” are away for business or holiday. The idea is to allow pets to enjoy the same kind of treatment that they would get at home – being taken care of, given the attention they need, and the freedom to walk freely. Unlike pet hotels, petsodia.com adopts a win-win mechanism for pet owners and pet sitters. 

Which areas will be served?

We are now expanding around KL, but pet owners and pet sitters throughout Malaysia are all welcomed to sign up as members to start enjoying the service.

Benefits to pets:

  • A comfortable place to stay while you’re away, making your pet feel like at home always
  • The joy of being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds
  • Getting its regular diet, exercise routine and daily play time
  • The love and personal attention it needs
  • Medical treatment when required
  • Someone to take responsibility on your behalf in case of an emergency
  • A safe environment that helps eliminating the trauma of travel or unfamiliar places
  • Assurance on good health (no exposure to other animals' illness or parasites)

Benefits to pet owners:

  • Peace of mind - knowing that your pet is in good care
  • Assurance that pet sitters will be able to take your pet for grooming or a visit to the vet while you’re away
  • Relief for not having to trouble your family, friends or neighbours anymore
  • Security –knowing that you don’t have to have people coming in and out from your house regularly to check on your pet while you're gone 

How could I contact Petsodia?

You could contact Petsodia via facebook instant messenger or email: help@petsodia.com directly

Definition of the "Booking status"

The flow of the "Booking order" will be illustrated as below:

Query -> Deal -> Paid -> Service start -> Service done -> Withdraw (payout) -> Closed

  • Query: User sent a reservation request to a sitter, awaiting for the sitter to contact and accept.
  • Deal: The Sitter accepted the user's request, and awaiting for a user to make paymentent
  • Paid: The user has completed the online payment via Petsodia.
  • Service Start: Checked in & the Service started.
  • Service done: Checked out & the Service done.
  • Withdraw: Service done and the payout will be completed to Sitter's bank account within 2 working days. In case of a complaint from the pet owner, Petsodia will contact you for further procedures.
  • Closed: Payout completed and case closed.

For User (Pet Owner)

How to search for a sitter?

Just enter "Your Location" & "Start & End dates" and the system will list out the respective sitters around your location via:Search Page

The pet owner will be allowed to make reservation from the same day or up to 90 days. For more than 90 days reservation (long term boarding), please call us via: 016.764.2122.

When will I be charged for a service?

After both of you and sitter accepted the service (service period / price / extra service), the booking status will show "deal", then you could proceed to payment (My Profile > Bookings > All > Booking > Pay Now) to confirm and secure the reservation.

If the user does not complete payment WITHIN 3 days after status became "deal", booking request will be cancelled.

Important: Booking and paying on Petsodia is required, based on our Terms of Service. Never pay by cash to sitter directly. - this will lost Petsodia's service and support, also this could expose you to fraud.

For Pet Sitter. (Service provider)

Any skills or experiences needed for Pet Sitter?

Yes, you need to be at least a pet owner of the type of pets that you are going to take care.

Do I need any license for being a pet sitter?

As a Pet sitter, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with federal, state and local permitting and licensing requirements. You also agree to comply with all applicable requirements of your insurance policies covering any of your property or operations.

Because these requirements vary so much, Petsodia cannot ensure compliance; therefore, we recommend you research these policies at the local level.

How could I apply as a sitter?

  • Please start to fill in the information, and navigate to each section on your Left hand menu under "My profile > Profile"
  • After completed each section, click on "Apply"
  • Petsodia will review and approve your profile. We may contact you if we need more information from you.
  • After the approval from the admin, your profile will be LIVE and searchable by all the users.

Can I block some dates where I am not available for pet services?

Yes, please click on (My Profile -> Calendar) to setup your available/unavailable service day

How can I disable my sitter profile temporary?

Yes, please click on (My Profile > Profile), press "Disable Sitter" Button. You may enable your profile anytime.

NOTE: You still need to fulfill and deliver your service for those already confirmed reservation. (Done payment by the users)

How to setup my daily Quota of pets (how many of pets you could take in per day)?

Navigate to (My Profile > Profile > your service > Capacity). The default setting is 5 pets per day, please alter accordingly. Please remember to click on "Update" to save your new setting. Whenever there is a new request, your capacity/available slot will be occupied by this new request. For example: Let's assume that your capacity has 5 pets per day, if there is a new request landed with 3 pets to be checked in, in this case, there are only 2 available slots left. We HIGHLY recommend you to take an action to "Accept" or "Reject" whenever there is a new request landed. If you have "rejected" a request, the occupied slot will be released for the next requests.

Running my business

How to know if I have new query or messages?

Please check your email regularly to get the most recent message from Petsodia. Petsodia will send email to inform the sitter, when there is a new query or message.

You could confirm your email on (My Profile > Account > Account Info > Confirm Email), Petsodia will send you a confirmation email, make sure you get this email from Petsodia.

Rather than Pet boarding, can a Sitter provide other extra services such as grooming, cooked food, etc? And, how to charge them?

Yes, you can! When a user sent a message or even a boarding request, the Sitter will be allowed to provide more information on the extra services, and confirm the price with the user. Then, the sitter could add extra service fee on that particular booking (My Profile -> Bookings -> All -> View Detail -> Billing -> Edit) and accept this booking

Could Sitter offer any discount for a user?

Yes. After the user sent a request, the sitter could edit the booking, adjust the discount rate. The max. discount rate will be 20%. (Note: please put a "minus", -20%) For example: "-30" implies that the sitter will offer a $30 discount on the total bill, NOT a 30% discount.

Can I share by contact directly to the Pet owners?

We do not recommend sharing contact information until after a Meet-n-Greet or reservation is accepted. This is to protect your privacy and to maintain the security of your personal information.

Can I take care of other types of pets?

Of course! We encourage our Hosts to welcome pets of all types. You can offer to drop in on cats and other pets in the Guest's home or stay overnight - whatever you like! If you're interested in cat sitting, we recommend putting a note into the top of your profile saying so. Here's a script you can use:

"Note: I love cats and offer cat sitting as well as dog sitting! I'm happy to stay at your house or visit your kitty while you're away. I am also open to watching birds, hamsters, etc."


Do I need to pay any Tax for being a pet sitter?

We recommend you to check with the local Taxation office. We highly recommend you pay your extra income as income tax to build the country.

How can I get paid for the services I provided?

The pet owner will pay the total boarding fee into Petsodia Sdn Bhd account. After the services, We will payout 80% of your listed price in your Host profile. 20% will be charged as an platform administration and marketing fee.

The payout will be within 3 working days. Please contact us if you missed your pay out via 016.764.2122.

Do I need to pay any on listing my profile?

No, there is FREE for listing your profile in Petsodia.com

What is the payout process, or how to withdraw after the service was done?

please config your Bank account information for Petsodia pay out(My Profile-> Account -> Payout info). normally, Petsodia will process withdraw under 10 days after service complete,

Can Pet owners pay me directly?

No, all payments must go through Petsodia.com.

As a Host in the Petsodia community, you agree that all transactions (including repeat bookings) with your Petsodia Guests go through the site.

If your Guest is having trouble booking through Petsodia.com, please feel free to direct them to contact us via: 016.764.2122 for further assistance.

Accepting cash, check, or other direct payment may result in immediate suspension of your Host account.