Updated 1 June 2018.

Petsodia.com is a “yellow page” of the pet service listing. We do not recommened or endorse any service providers. The users (pet owners) select the pet services at their own risk, and Petsodia.com do NOT responsible for any incorrect, damages, etc.

Benefits to pets:

  • A comfortable place to stay while you’re away, making your pet feel like at home always
  • The joy of being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds
  • Getting its regular diet, exercise routine and daily play time
  • The love and personal attention it needs
  • Medical treatment when required
  • Someone to take responsibility on your behalf in case of an emergency
  • A safe environment that helps eliminating the trauma of travel or unfamiliar places
  • Assurance on good health (no exposure to other animals' illness or parasites)

Benefits to pet owners:

  • Peace of mind - knowing that your pet is in good care
  • Assurance that pet sitters will be able to take your pet for grooming or a visit to the vet while you’re away
  • Relief for not having to trouble your family, friends or neighbours anymore
  • Security –knowing that you don’t have to have people coming in and out from your house regularly to check on your pet while you're gone 

How could I contact Petsodia?

You could contact Petsodia via facebook instant messenger or email: admin@petsodia.com directly

For User (Pet Owner)

How to search for a sitter?

Just enter "Your Location", system will list out the respective sitters around your location via:Search Page

When will I be charged for a service?

Effectively 1 June 2018, the pet owner able to contact the pet sitters directly as long as the pet sitters enabled their contact, such as mobile number, email, or FB. You will pay the pet sitter upon your own agreement (Schedules, discounts, cancellation fees, etc) with the pet sitter.

For Pet Sitter. (Service provider)

Any skills or experiences needed for Pet Sitter?

Yes, you need to be at least a pet owner of the type of pets that you are going to take care.

Do I need any license for being a pet sitter?

As a Pet sitter, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with federal, state and local permitting and licensing requirements. You also agree to comply with all applicable requirements of your insurance policies covering any of your property or operations.

Because these requirements vary so much, Petsodia cannot ensure compliance; therefore, we recommend you research these policies at the local level.

How could I apply as a sitter?

  • Please start to fill in the information, and navigate to each section on your Left hand menu under "My profile > Profile"
  • After completed each section, click on "Apply"
  • Petsodia will review and approve your profile. We may contact you if we need more information from you.
  • After the approval from the admin, your profile will be LIVE and searchable by all the users.

How can I disable my sitter profile temporary?

Yes, please click on (My Profile > Profile), press "Disable Sitter" Button. You may enable your profile anytime.

NOTE: You still need to fulfill and deliver your service for those already confirmed reservation.

Running my business

Rather than Pet boarding, can a Sitter provide other extra services such as grooming, cooked food, etc? And, how to charge them?

Yes, you can! Please state your extra pet services in your “Description” section.

Can I take care of other types of pets?

Of course! We encourage our Hosts to welcome pets of all types. You can offer to drop in on cats and other pets in the Guest's home or stay overnight - whatever you like! If you're interested in cat sitting, we recommend putting a note into the top of your profile saying so. Here's a script you can use:

"Note: I love cats and offer cat sitting as well as dog sitting! I'm happy to stay at your house or visit your kitty while you're away. I am also open to watching birds, hamsters, etc."


Do I need to pay any Tax for being a pet sitter?

We recommend you to check with the local Taxation office. We highly recommend you pay your extra income as income tax to build the country.

How can I get paid for the services I provided?

As you already contact the pet owners, please get the payment from the pet owner directly. Petsodia will no longer involved in any monetary transaction.

Do I need to pay any on listing my profile?

No, there is FREE for listing your profile in Petsodia.com