Want to Be a Pet Sitter? With The Right Qualities, You Can Be A Super Pet Sitter!

Want to Be a Pet Sitter?  With The Right Qualities, You Can Be A Super Pet Sitter!

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.”

John Grogan


So you want to be a pet sitter, but you’re not sure how to do it. No worries, as long as you have some of these basic qualities, you’re good to go!


Animal Lover

To be a pet sitter, you don’t necessarily have to own a pet. If you do have a pet, that’s an advantage. But the first criteria that any pet owner would look for in a pet sitter is the pet sitter’s love for animal. How can you care for someone else’s pet if you don’t like animals? When you decide to be a pet sitter, you choose to dedicate your love and time for a pet that’s not even yours, not merely because it’s something that you’re paid to do, but it’s because you love what you do. Basically, you must have genuine concern for animals.

Responsible and Trustworthy

The last thing that any pet owner would want is to have their pets abused or neglected when they’re not around. To most pet owners, pets are family. A pet sitter is more or less like a baby sitter. So you should treat pets the way they deserve to be treated. Treat them with respect – simply because they are living beings too. 

Trained and Educated

The best pet sitters are of course the ones who are trained and know exactly what they’re doing. But if you have never had any experience, that shouldn’t be a problem too. There’s always a first time, right? At Petsodia, you can take the challenge and prove yourself. If you do a great job, chances of you getting hired again or recommended to other pet owners are higher. If you are a pet owner who has already taken care of different breeds before, that’s also a good start!


For individuals who have had experience with pets before, it won’t take them long before they manage to understand the body language of a pet. Different pets have different behaviours. A good pet sitter is one who knows how to take proper actions such as feeding, walking, soothing, and so on. 


Some people say that pets are like little children. It takes patience to train and understand them. Even trained pets can be difficult sometimes, and being a pet sitter requires a lot of patience. Pet owners would usually share with pet sitters some details about their pets before temporarily handing them over. It’s always important for you to have a discussion with pet owners before accepting any pet sitting job.



Do you think you have what it takes to be a pet sitter? Sign up as a pet sitter at Petsodia now! 🙂


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