Top 5 Dog Swimming pool in Malaysia

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Top 5 Dog Swimming pool in Malaysia

🐶 [#Petsodia Top 5 Dog Swimming pool in Malaysia]
When we stay in such a hot country, it’s always the best to go out for a swim to cool down~

Do you know that there are actually swimming pools designed specially for our furkids?

Find out more!😊


🐶 [#Petsodia闻世界 5 个狗狗游泳的好去处]


今天就让小编为主人们介绍5个 <旺旺泳池> 吧!😊


[Central Park]

The park is located next to One Utama Shopping Mall, this dog-friendly park has a small lake in the middle, where dogs can swim with tortoise and fish. Many owners will bring their furkid during weekends

p/s: Kindly look after your dog for safety purposes

这个公园位于One Utama购物广场旁边,中间有一个小湖,狗狗可以与湖中的乌龟和鱼儿一起嬉戏游水。尤其是在周末时,很多狗主人会带他们的毛小孩来到这里。
温馨提示: 注意狗狗的安全


R's Cafe & Dog Park

[R’s Cafe & Dog Park]
There is also a dog swimming pool and café located at Butterworth too! 
This indoor pool is perfect for owners who taking their dogs for their first swim! In addition, R’s Cafe & Dog Park’s dog pool is also suitable for older or special needs dogs. There also provides complete facilities, including life jackets and doggy floats.

原来在Butterworth也有狗狗咖啡厅呀!这室内泳池非常适合第一次游泳的狗狗噢!除此之外,R’s Cafe & Dog Park的狗游泳池也适合年老或特殊需求的狗。还有完善的设施,包括了救生衣!

Address: 10 Lorong Mesra Permai 4,Taman Mesra, Butterworth, 13400 Penang
Phone: +6012-4093536
Website: N/A
Facebook: R’s Cafe & Dog Park

Just Dog City
[Dog City]

The pool is designed to allow the dog owner and their dog to swim and walk at the same time. It also provide spa treatments for dog to reduce their body odour.

Through carbon salt bath therapy or micro bubble bath therapy, pet dirt and dead skin can be removed at one time. There are also pet-related classes and trainings available to allow pet owners to learn more knowledge about pets.

It’s really a Pet Paradise!
这里泳池的设计能让主人和狗狗一起散步游泳,甚至还有能减少宠物体臭的水疗护理。通过碳盐浴疗法或微泡浴疗法, 不管是宠物毛细孔里的污垢还是死皮统统都一次过解决。大至黄金猎犬或小至泰迪犬的宠物,一定都能在这找到另一片天堂。这里还有关于宠物的课程与培训可以参加,让主人能了解更多关于宠物的知识。真是宠物天堂啊!


Phone: +607-5506489
Operation hour: DogCity:12.30 pm – 10 pm
Address: 29, Jalan Selatan Utama, Taman Perindustrian Ringan Pulai, 81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru

swim paradise Park & Cafe S/B

[Swim Paradise Park & Cafe S/B]
Swim Paradise Park & Cafe is a single storey corner house located in Batu 3, Old Klang Road which comes with a swimming pool and a little garden for dogs.

With the limited space available only 10-20 dogs are allowed at a time, hence owners will need to make their bookings early.

Both children and adults are allowed to swim in the pool with their furkids
Swim Paradise Park & Café坐落于旧巴生路Batu 3,是一个单层角落的房子,拥有一个泳池和一个狗狗花园


Phone: +6016-9297246
Address: No. 89A, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hour: 10am to 6pm (by appointment)

K-9 Cottage

[K-9 Cottage]-Under Construction until the end of year 2017

K-9 Cottage offers a covered outdoor swimming pool for dogs. The customers praise the staff for their excellent service and well-maintained facilities. You can also swim with your dog and use their dog life jackets, pool toys, paddles, and even get some help to train your dog to swim.

这里提供了一个有盖的室外游泳池给狗狗一个美好的游泳体验。顾客也对工作人员优质的服务和良好的设施称赞有加。 你也可以和你的爱狗一起游泳,并使用他们的狗狗救生衣,泳池玩具,桨板,甚至还能帮忙训练你的狗狗游泳。
Address:Lui River, Hulu Langat 43100 Selangor
Phone: +6019 261 7830


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