Tips and Tricks for doggie to adapt to new environment

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Tips and Tricks for doggie to adapt to new environment


Does your dog become restless and bark constantly after moving in to a new home? To prevent tension and dog separation anxiety, Petsodia has prepared the following tips for dog owners:


🐶 先习惯新家的味道

🐶 带它熟悉新家环境

【Before moving】
🐶 Familiarize with new home’s scent
Before moving, introduce some items from the new home to doggie so that it can get used to the scent first. Having done that, doggie will not be so restless when it’s in the new home. Conversely, you can place items from the old home to the new home for a couple of days. Then, bring the items back to doggie to familiarize with the new smell.

🐶 Familiarize with the new environment

Bring doggie out for a short walk around the new home to familiarize it with the new environment and for doggie to form its’ territory. After the walk, if doggie is tired, you can let it rest inside the house together with its’ favourite toy, treats and sleeping bed. By setting up a nice corner in the new home for doggie, it can rest calmly and peacefully.

🐶 尽可能回避陌生人

🐶 不急着更换狗狗用品

【Day of moving】
🐶 Avoid contact with strangers
If one day a lot of strangers walk into your home and take away your bed, toys and favourite items, and you do not understand the reason, would you feel panic and overwhelmed? That is how doggie would feel on moving day. If possible, try to place doggie at your parents’ or friend’s home or at a pet hotel.

🐶 Delay changing doggie’s items
You might be tempted to get new items for doggie such as new toys, cushions, blankets, etc. But while doggie is adapting to the new environment, it is better to keep its familiar and old items as it will feel more comfortable and have a sense of security. It is better to change the items gradually at a later stage.

🐶 花时间陪伴它

【After moving】
🐶 Spend time with doggie

To help doggie adapt to the new environment faster, your companionship is the most important. After moving in, spend time to play with it or go on walks. To prevent doggie feeling stressed in the new environment, the most important action to take is to give doggie attention, love and care.

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