4 Tips for Staying Stress Free When Traveling with a Dog or Cat

4 Tips for Staying Stress Free When Traveling with a Dog or Cat

Going around the globe with your four-legged friend(s) brings a lot of joy and adds up to the experience. But, travelling with your cat or dog can sometimes be a stressful experience for both of you. In the past, travelling with a pet was a lot harder. Luckily, many companies recognized this, and now, we can enjoy our travels with our companions by our side.

Here is a list we have compiled for you. After you are done reading these tips, both you and your cat or dog will be able to experience and enjoy the benefit of stress-free travel.

Planning the Trip

Cat sticking out his head from a red luggage

Planning is usually the most important aspect of anyone’s travel endeavour. And, when you want to bring your furry friend alongside with you, no matter if it is a cat or a dog, you will need to do some extra planning. Before we start with some tips related to travelling via boat, plane, or car, there are two things you have to address first.

Your pet has to have a collar with your name, phone number, and address engraved on the tag, it should be microchipped and, for some countries, you will have to make sure to bring papers to prove that the pet is healthy and has had all preventive vaccinations done in time.

Also, in all three scenarios, it’s most likely that your pet is going to be in the pet carrier. This doesn’t apply to dogs when travelling by car. So, if you would like to avoid putting extra stress on your pet, make sure to make it used to be in the carrier.  In this case, it is always recommended to use treats to make your pet comfy and used to being confined in the carrier. If you are going to travel by car, make sure to get your cat or dog used to it. Short destinations will suffice.

Choosing the Hotel

Two dogs in a pet friendly hotel

As a pet owner and lover, this may come as a surprise to you, but not all the hotels are pet-friendly. If you want to avoid any inconveniences, make sure to check which hotels in the area are pet-friendly. The trip may be exhausting for both you and your furry friend, so you want to get a place where both of you can relax after the “long” journey. In pet-friendly hotels, you won’t have to worry about cat litter and a litter box, since most of them either provide it for you or have a place where you can rent one.

If you want to go an extra mile, look for the hotels that are near doggy parks. Your dog also needs to socialise with other dogs. It is a great stress relief after the shock it might have experienced in the plane, confined in the carrier. Some experts say that lavender spray is a good way to help a stressed cat, so make sure to travel with one in the bag. Don’t forget to bring along some waste bags and wipes. Those can come in very handy while you are travelling with your pet.

The Food

You know your pet best. Sometimes, cats and dogs don’t respond well to a nutrition change. If this is the case, check if you can bring your pet’s regular food with you. If this isn’t an option, make sure that there are pet shops within or at least very close to the hotel you are staying in.

Toys and Treats

A dog and its toys

Now, we’ve arrived to your pet’s favourite. If you really want to experience stress-free travel with your pet at your side, make sure to bring along its favourite toys and treats. Pets form special bonds with their toys. On top of that, these toys smell like home to them, and they can accommodate to the new environment with more ease, especially if you have to leave your pet alone in the room for some time. Don’t forget scratchers for your cat. You know how much they love it, and it helps them relieve some stress, too.

Well, this is it. If you take care of all of this, both you and your pet will enjoy stress-free travel. And yeah, don’t forget to take pics of your pets while travelling. Those make a wonderful addition to your family albums.

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