Petalkr – Social entrepreneur for animal welfare in Taiwan

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Jacky Chang, who have been working as IT professional for 14 years, it seems to be a stable
and good income job, but he said, “We need a more pet friendly society here in Taiwan”,
and this brought him some ideas on starting up a social enterprise on animal welfare.
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are
treated” by Gandhi was deeply affected Jacky’s believe to the journey of animal welfare.
In 2014, he and his partners started his entrepreneurship journey on a technology platform
on “missing pet network” and “stray adoption” in Taiwan to build a better world for animal
welfare in Taiwan. His idea and implementation let them to win a “Gold medal” of Open
data contest in Taiwan held by Ministry of Economic Affairs. After that, in 2016, he started
another pet supplies business, focusing on natural dog chew, and built a brand name of
“Petalkr”. He managed to break even after that.


Petalkr founded by the concept to connect all the related resources, such as: pet owners,
stray houses, even veterinary within the community, and let them “talk” to each other,
that’s the name of the company, “Petalkr.” The main product for this establishment will be
on dog chew, a little item for dog to chew, just to relieve their obsession on “chewing”.
This dog chew is made of yak milk into a very long-lasting chew with 100% natural
ingredients. Before that, this unique chew only export to US & Japan, but, here in Taiwan
after Jacky has put his huge efforts to work with the local Himalayan dairy farmers to make
this happened. Also, Jacky wanted to build a better, fair trading deals for the dairy farmers
and has increased their income that enables their children get into school. Many customers
revealed that their dogs don’t damaged their furniture anymore by chewing this unique dog

With his continue efforts, we believe that he will build a better animal welfare community in
Taiwan, we invite you to be part of the animal welfare community!

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