Pet Hotel Treat Your Pet to a While You Go on a Holiday

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Pet Hotel: To treat your pets While You Go on a Holiday


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We all have things to do. Work, family gatherings, parties, local events and festive seasons – all these take up our time. With so much going on in our lives, sometimes all we need is some time off with ourselves. A holiday sounds like a great way to relax and put our daily routines behind. Well, at least for a little while.So you have already decided on your travel dates. That is great! There is just one problem: neither can you take your pet along with you nor leave it behind. If that is the case, do not worry. It should not be a problem if you book a pet hotel through Petsodia now. You and your beloved four-legged friend can both enjoy a staycation.

Important note: Petsodia is currently providing pet sitters for cats and dogs only.


Pet Hotels at Petsodia

Unlike many pet hotels, the pet hotels you find at Petsodia are cage-free. That means your pet will not be locked up in a cage throughout the period of your absence.

What is even better is your pet can not only have someone to care for it, but also a friend to play with while you are away. Even when you are not around, your pet deserves the attention it needs.

Imagine if you have to be away from home for at least a week. It would be a torture for your pet to spend seven days (without you) in a claustrophobic cage!

It doesn’t have to end up like that. Through Petsodia, pet owners can search for trusted and qualified pet sitters who would be more than happy to care for their pets.


How to book a pet sitter

The booking system is quick and easy.

Simply visit and click on Find Sitter to find the pet sitter of your choice.

There is a booking form for you to fill out on the right hand side of the pet sitter’s profile. Select your pet boarding dates and the type of service you want. Then send your reservation request.

Once the pet sitter of your choice has received, viewed, and accepted your request, a prompt response will be sent to you. Should the pet sitter agrees with the pet boarding arrangements, you can drop off your pet at the pet hotel, which is the home of the pet sitter of your choice.

When you know that your pet is in the hand of another pet lover, you can be rest assured that your pet will not be all alone at home, missing you. That being said, you can definitely travel with peace of mind.

Since many of our pet sitters are pet owners, your pet will likely get to meet their pets, too!


Are you interested to be a pet sitter?

If you are, you can sign up as a pet sitter at Petsodia for FREE! This is your chance to turn your passion for pets into a rewarding career. If you do not wish to do it full-time, that is fine. Do it at your own free time!

Whether you are a student, a full-time employee, or a remote worker, this job is right for you as long as you are a pet lover. And you will get paid from doing what you love! You can read more about it here.


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