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Need Pet Hotel in Negeri Sembilan? Kritika Renwal Welcomes You to Her Pet Boarding Kennel


Whether you’ve got a cat, or a dog, our pet sitter, Kritika Renwal, welcomes your pet to her lovely pet hotel!


Negeri Sembilan pet boarding
Negeri Sembilan pet boarding


Located on the Selangor-Negeri Sembilan border, Kritika’s pet hotel offers a big garden for your pet to roam on freely. There are also 3 designated areas for your pet to play. The pet kennel is equipped with air conditioners that enable your pet to stay cool in the hot Malaysian weather. Also, there’s a special private room dedicated for cat boarding.


There’s no need to worry about pet cages — because your pet is free to sleep wherever it likes. If you’d like to receive updates on your beloved pet, the pet hotel provides daily updates of your pet so you can be rest assured that your pet is doing just fine. In fact, the pet boarding kennel provides special accommodations for any pet that’s experiencing separation anxiety, or having a lead pulling habit. If your pet is not house-trained yet, that won’t also be a problem.


So if you’re going somewhere soon and need to leave your home for awhile, make sure to book your pet a pet sitter before you go. If you leave your pet to our qualified pet sitter, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is taken care by another dog lover while you’re gone. Your pet will have someone to feed it, and play with it. If you have special pet sitting requests, you can always drop our pet sitter a message now and share your questions, concerns or requests.


Ready to place your booking? Select your preferred pet boarding date(s) using the calendar found on the right hand side of the pet sitter’s profile.


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