Making a difference

Making a difference

Monday, 8 August 2016

Making a difference


Most of us probably have heard of Airbnb, a service for renting vacation homes, but did you know there is also a similar service for pets?

Startup Petsodia, founded in 2014, wants to replicate the Airbnb magic for pets.


Petsodia enlists pet lovers to provide services such as boarding and grooming for fur babies. — Petsodia

Petsodia enlists pet lovers to provide services such as boarding and grooming for fur babies.  — Petsodia


Founder Patrick Chang says the idea came about because he always has a hard time securing caretakers for his two lovely King Charles spaniels.

Patrick, a frequent traveler, couldn’t bear seeing his pets being caged up or left unattended.

This inspired him to start ­connecting the pet lover community, which eventually gave birth to Petsodia, a service that allows you to find not just ­boarding but also grooming, ­transportation (domestic and ­international), ­cleaning and ­funeral services for pets.

“It’s a service for pets made ­possible by pet lovers,” he says.

Being a pet sitter or caretaker can be rewarding financially too.

“One can easily earn about RM20 to RM60 per day per pet as a ­petsitter and potentially more when handling more than one pet. The rate could go up to RM70 for reputable and specialized ­caretakers,” says Patrick.

There is even a growing trend for owners to hire caretakers for their pets during the day when they are at work.

The site boasts around two ­thousand active users a month which normally peaks during ­festive periods such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Petsodia is also available in Singapore and Patrick plans to roll it out in Taiwan by year end.

The service is free now but he plans to monetise the platform in the future.



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