Looking for a Pet hotel This Holiday? Contact Pet Sitter Engel Now

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Looking for a Pet hotel This Holiday? Contact Pet Sitter Engel Now

Looking for a Pet Sitter This Holiday? Contact Pet Sitter Engel Now

engel pet hotel
engel pet hotel



As many pet sitters will be away for the upcoming year-end holiday, finding a pet sitter or a pet hotel can be a challenge. Lucky for you that our pet sitter Engel still has plenty of vacant slots available. Just like our other pet sitters, Engel loves dogs. She will treat your dog just as how she will treat her own kids.

Why get a pet sitter? We have always encouraged pet parents to send their furry kids to one of our pet sitters’ pet kennels or pet hotel. Our mission is not just about providing pet sitting services to pet owners, but we also strive to connect pet lovers from wherever they are.


We don’t like seeing pets being left alone at home, especially for a long period of time. Pets have feelings, too. They deserve to be recognised as members of their families. We understand this because we are pet owners, too.


With Petsodia, we can change our pets’ world. Why put them in small cages when you can have them spend their nights in the homes of other pet lovers like you? Some pet sitters even have spacious lawns that enable dogs and cats to roam free.


Many of our pet sitters are pet owners, too. Their pets are just as friendly and welcoming as them. Sending your pet to the home of a pet sitter means your pet will have a friend to play with while you’re gone.


Why hire Engel? We recommend Engel as she has plenty of experience in caring for pets. Her spacious home in Penang is especially perfect for active cats and dogs. There’s plenty of space for them outside the house.  A private pet hotel experience.


Ready to book your slots? Visit the pet sitter’s profile now to select your dates.




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