Pet hotel in Subang: Drop off your furkids today

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Pet hotel in Subang: Drop off your furkids today

Pet Boarding: Drop Off Your Furkid At Pet Boarding School While You’re Away

subang pet boarding
subang pet boarding



Pet boarding: Your pet doesn’t have to be left alone at home, but a pet boarding and chewing things out of boredom and frustrations while you’re gone. You see, pets have emotions like us. Leaving a pet at home (even for a day!) is the last thing any pet owners will want to do when they need to be away from home for awhile.


If you need to get out of town soon, don’t leave before getting your pet’s accommodation sorted out. If you’ve got no one to look after your pet, get a pet sitter to look after it instead, whether it’s just for the weekend, or even up to one whole week.


At the Corgi and Friends Pet Boarding School, your pet will have fun playtimes. Just like in school! Our pet sitter, Stanley, will keep your pet company. Two of his friendly Corgis also welcome your pet to the pet hotel.


Located in Subang Jaya, the pet kennel has a spacious front porch and sleeping area for your pet to do whatever it likes. It’s an ideal place for those who want to avoid small enclosures for their pets. Our experienced pet sitter also offers special accommodations for pets that have separation anxiety, aggression, lead pulling habit, senior dogs health issues such as dementia, incontinence, and so on. It won’t be a problem if your pet isn’t house-trained yet. Stanley will know what to do!


Sure, if your pet requires other kinds of assistance, our pet sitter is ready to discuss about it with you. Visit Stanley’s profile today to learn more about his services. To place your booking, use the calendar on the right hand side of the pet sitter’s profile, and select your preferred pet boarding dates.



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