5 Things You Should Not Do to Your Furry Friend

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5 Things You Should Not Do to Your Furry Friend

If you’re a parent to one of the best creatures in the world, the dog, you’re technically one of the best people in the world! Just like you and many others who love our furry friends, we always try our very best to keep them happy.

But, even the best dog parents tend to (unintentionally) do things that upset and annoy their four-legged friends. Like these 5 things:

1. Leaving it alone at home during the weekend

dog home alone

Whether you need to be away from home for work, a holiday, or an emergency, you shouldn’t neglect your responsibilities towards your four-legged companion. Dogs are sociable animals, and it has also been proven that they also have basic emotions like humans, such as joy, anger, fear, and disgust.

When you leave your pet alone at home, you’ll only make it feel lonely and unappreciated. Your dog will also feel trapped in its own comfort zone. It’s understandable if you’re caught up with your full-time job. But that’s not a reason to leave it alone at home throughout the weekend.

If you need to be away, find a pet sitter at Petsodia instead.

2. Leaving your furry friend alone in the car

furry friend alone in a car

Would you leave your child sitting alone in the car while you’re in the store buying groceries?

For many, dogs are family. Leaving your dog unattended in the car is not recommended, especially when the weather is hot and warm. When you leave your dog alone in the car in such a condition, it’ll get sick due to overheating and lethargy. If you leave it in the car (in that condition) for too long, it’ll die. No kidding!

3. Using your dog crate to punish it

dog punished into a crate

I’m sure you’ve already bought your furry friend a dog crate before. If you still have it, are you using it for the right reasons? Please don’t use it to punish your dog.

A crate shouldn’t be a “bad place” for a dog and you shouldn’t make your dog feel/think that it is. It should be a place where your dog feels comfortable. The crate is typically used by dog owners to potty train their dogs. The crate is also where dogs usually eat and sleep.

When you use the crate to punish your dog, you’re only telling it that the crate isn’t a safe place to be. Using your dog crate to punish your dog will only make your dog hate the crate.

4. Taking your dog out for walks without giving it the opportunities to explore around

dog going out for a wallk

Dogs do what they do best; they smell everything and anything they can! If your dog isn’t allowed to wander around on its own without your presence, you should give it a chance to explore places as much as it can whenever you take it around for walks. Some people prefer to have their dogs tied to the lead while some prefer to let their dogs walk behind, in front, or next to them.

Whichever ways you prefer, it’s always important to allow your dog to use its nose as much as possible. Dogs interpret the world through their sense of smell. Let it walk around and sniff whatever it wants. Your dog shouldn’t be out there just for the sake of expelling feces and fulfilling its daily exercises.

5. Locking it up in a cage or have it tied to a lead all day

furry friend locked in a cage

For a dog, what’s worse than being left at home every day and not having to see you at all during the weekend? The answer is — getting tied to a lead or locked in a cage every day when you’re not around. That sounds terrible to me.

How do you think your furry friend would feel if you were to treat it like that? If you want to understand how your dog would feel about this, ask yourself first how we would feel if we were treated that way. Don’t forget that dogs have feelings too.

I’ve seen dogs that are tied up and locked up all day, every day. It hurts to see them treated that way. Freedom isn’t just for humans. All living beings deserve to live freely. With that said, I highly encourage people to avoid sending their dogs to pet services that keep dogs in kennels. Those kennels are usually too small for them!

Get a pet sitter instead. It’s always a better option. Find out why you should use a pet sitter service instead of using a dog kennel service.

Do you know other things people shouldn’t do to their dogs? Share us your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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