Dog Chews: Their Benefits, And How to Choose One

Dog Chews: Their Benefits, And How to Choose One

Dog Chews: Their Benefits, And How to Choose One



Dogs have an innate urge to chew. As a dog owner, you may have already noticed your dog’s chewing behaviour. Chewing is normal, especially during your dog’s teething period. Not only is chewing good for your dog’s health, it also alleviates boredom, especially when you are not home. But lack of chewing items around the house can lead your dog to destructive habits. Trust us, you do not want that.


To prevent your dog from developing chewing problems — such as chewing on your furniture or your favourite slippers — provide your dog with plenty of dog bones (not animal bones from last night’s dinner), or chew toys that will satisfy its natural desire to gnaw on things.


The benefits of dog chews

Giving your canine family member dog chews is one way to keep it in good shape. You should introduce dog chews to your dog from a very young age. As your puppy’s teeth start to grow, it begins to chew on whatever it finds in order to give it a sense of relief. Chewing on hard things will naturally stimulate the development of your dog’s teeth.


Apart from keeping your dog relaxed, dog chews also help remove plaque from your dog’s mouth. A mouth full of plaque can not only cause bad breaths, but also other dental problems.


So how do dog chews scrape away plaque from your dog’s mouth? This is how: when your dog chews on dog chews (that come in various forms such as rawhide bones, dog toys, hard items, etc.), the action helps scrape away plaque, and perform tartar control. Most dogs that do not chew enough hard objects tend to have dental problems later in life.


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As mentioned earlier, dog chews are also a great treat to cure a dog’s boredom. When you are out at work or for holidays, your dog might be itching to play — and chewing on something is one way to do it.


Give your dog a chew toy to play with, and it will surely keep your four-legged friend busy for hours! What is even better is that dog chew toys are helpful in stimulating your dog’s mind, which is especially good for inactive senior dogs.


Choosing the right dog chews

There are so many dog chews on the market today. But which ones are actually worth buying? Before making any purchases, be sure to check for the safest and healthiest dog chews you can find.  Then browse for dog chews that you think will be suitable for your dog in terms of size, texture and flavour.


How will you be able to know if a dog chew is safe for your dog? Determine the size of a dog chew that your dog can easily bite and enjoy. If your dog finds it hard to bite off a chunk and swallow it, then the dog chew is certainly too big for your dog to gnaw.


Dog chews that are not digestible can be dangerous to your dog as they can cause a gastrointestinal blockage. On the other hand, dog chews that are too hard can potentially break your dog’s teeth or cause oral injuries. Do you ever wonder why cooked bones are not recommended for dogs? That is because animal bones are very hard and indigestible.



Some dogs will avoid dog chews or bones that seem too big for them. They tend to aim for something smaller as it will be easier and more comfortable to chew. So if you notice that your dog is ignoring the big chew bone (that you believe will excite it) that is sitting right next to its dining bowl, that might be because the chew bone is simply too big for it.


The texture of dog chews matters to a lot of dogs. Some dogs are aggressive chewers, and they will be done with their chews before you even know it. If your dog is a quick chewer, then it is best that you give it rawhide dog chews that are harder and can last much longer. But if your dog takes longer time at chewing, then perhaps get smaller, softer rawhide dog chews for it instead.


Rawhide, however, is somewhat a controversial dog chew. That is because many rawhide dog chews are treated with potentially harmful chemicals. Furthermore, larger rawhide dog chews are not easily digested and can cause digestion problems. If you are unsure about this, seek for advice from your vet. Your vet should be able to recommend some healthy rawhide chews for your dog.


Bear in mind that flavours are also important to some dogs. If you are not sure what flavour to get for your dog, try giving it different types of dog chews for the first two weeks.


Dog chews we recommend


Yak milk dog chew
Yak milk dog chew



We highly recommend yak milk dog chews. These long-lasting chews are not only healthy but also chewlicious! And they are suitable for dogs from all ages and sizes. Your dog will be ecstatic to have a taste of yak milk dog chews, because they are safe and easy to chew. Also, the smell of smoked cheese of the yak milk dog chews is simply irresistible!


yak milk
A Himalayan Yak milk farmer


Made from real yak milk, cow milk, lime juice and salt (only in tiny amount), yak milk dog chews are made in the mountain areas of Himalayas. They are high in protein and calcium, which are extremely great for strengthening your dog’s teeth and gums. These dog chews contain milk. While it is true that milk in its raw form is not easy for dogs to digest, once it is turned into cheese, it is easily digested.

The chews, that come in different sizes, are also grain-free and gluten-free. They do not have any artificial flavours, colorings or preservatives. This is an ideal choice for all dogs, especially serious chewers (and lickers!), and dogs that are allergic to grains, beef and poultry.



Available sizes:

Small: 7-10cm long, 

Medium: 13-15cm long,

Large: 16-18cm long.


While there are many dog chews on the market today for you to choose from, it’s always important to choose the right ones for your dog. This can be done by simply identifying the size, texture, and flavours that are suitable for your furkid. Give yak milk dog chews a go, and if you would like to know more about the chews, welcome to check HERE


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