Dog boarding in Liza’ house.

Dog boarding in Liza’ house.

Dog boarding in Liza’s house.

Liza in PJ, a dog boarding
Liza in PJ, a dog boarding


One of the qualities pet owners look for in pet sitters is their passion for pets. Many pet owners don’t mind having pet sitters who’ve got very little experience in pet sitting, but they surely don’t want someone who doesn’t like animals, particularly someone who doesn’t enjoy caring for other people’s pets.


Good news is: our pet sitter Liza and her husband love pets! They’ll be happy to care for your pet while you’re away from home. Liza’s pet boarding kennel is definitely a great choice, especially for dog owners.


Since Liza has lived all her life with dogs, she understands the pain of being away from home while a furry friend is left behind. If you’re going somewhere soon, why not have Liza look after your pet?

nice home for dog boarding
nice home for dog boarding



Why hire Liza? Well, she’s an experienced pet sitter who has dealt with dogs of all kinds, with each having their own personalities, preferences and behaviours. She’s also experienced in handling multiple dogs at a time. Not only will your pet enjoy her company, but also playtime with her lovely pets.


The pet hotel, which is located in Petaling Jaya, has a spacious playground for your pet to enjoy. That’s a dream come true for pets living in flats where space is rather limited. If the weather gets too hot, there’s plenty of space to play in the house.


Awesome deals offered by the pet hotel:

  • No extra fees for weekends!
  • No extra fee for regular bathing!
  • Walks are totally free!


This pet hotel also provides special accommodations for pets that are recovering from surgery, are under medication, or have separation anxiety.


To book a day (or more!) with Liza, use the calendar provided on the right hand side of the pet sitter’s profile.


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