#ChristmasIsComing: Take Your Pet for a Vacation, or Get a Pet Sitter

#ChristmasIsComing: Take Your Pet for a Vacation, or Get a Pet Sitter

Yes, we’re also excited for Christmas, just as much as you do. From visiting families to travelling overseas, Christmas is indeed the season of greeting and giving. While you’re in the midst of planning where to go and what to buy and give for the celebration, don’t forget to remind yourself about the other being in your life — your pet.

Fortunately, there are many travel destinations where you and your pet can go together. If you’ve never travelled with your pet or celebrated the holiday season together before, perhaps this is your chance. Take your pet with you!

Travelling with your pet

Travelling is fun and enjoyable when done with the people (or animal) you love. If you’re thinking of taking your furry baby with you this Christmas, below are some great ideas of how you can celebrate the festive season together abroad:

  • Take it for a walk on the mountains, at the park, or the beach especially when the weather is sunny and breezy.
  • Dine with your pet at pet-friendly restaurants. Your pet can eat like a local, too!
  • Go on road trips across countries.
  • Go sightseeing with your pet.
  • Travel slow and explore new places together via pet-friendly public transports.
  • Go shopping together.

Note: Some of these ideas are only applicable to certain countries, so it’s always best for you to check the local laws before deciding to do all the recommended activities with your pet during your travels.

Take your pet for a vacation

If you’re travelling by air, you need to make sure that you’ve done everything that’s needed for your pet to fly, such as a passport and a vaccination. Make sure that your pet has also undergone any other kinds of procedures required to enable it to travel. Check with the airline you’ll be traveling with regarding their flight rules for pets, and so on, to ensure that both you and your pet will experience a smooth travel.

If you’re travelling by car, make sure you have everything that your pet may need while on the road, such as food, drink, a blanket (if necessary), and other kinds of pet essentials. Also, make sure your pet is comfortable about travelling. Some animals may experience motion sickness. Therefore, it’s important that you find out more about this before deciding whether or not you should take your pet with you during your upcoming travel.

Tips: Taking your pet’s health certificate and medical records is recommended. For example, if you’re travelling with your dog, your airline may require you to show a proof of your dog’s rabies vaccination.

Can’t take your pet with you? It’s okay. Get a pet sitter instead.

Get a pet sitter

You don’t have to leave your pet alone when you’re off travelling. You can start planning for your absence during the upcoming holiday season now. Get a pet sitter.

At Petsodia, you can find qualified pet sitters who will care for your pet while you’re away. All you need to do is visit Petsodia and search for pet sitters based on your current location. After that, you’ll arrive here, where you’ll find a list of potential pet sitters who can care for your furry friend.

Christmas is coming, so start planning! Take your pet for a vacation, or get a pet sitter! Happy holidays!

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