How to choose the best dog chew

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How to choose the best dog chew

How to choose the best dog chew



There are a number of dog chews on the market nowadays, some of them safer than others. When choosing the right dog chew for your four-legged friend, you must also take into account his chewing style.

Dogs fall into three categories when it comes to chewing style.

First, we have the inhalers or “gulpers” that are in a hurry to make their chew disappear by swallowing large chunks all at once.

Then, there are the destroyers. These types of dogs really like to crush whatever it is they get their teeth in. The destroyer may or may not eat the chew, so, be extra-careful with this type.

Last but not least, the nibblers are peaceful dogs that treat their chew with care. It may take a while before a nibbler is done with it.

Dog chews to avoid

The main things to take into account when choosing the right dog chew is how hard it is and whether or not it is digestible.


Animal bones, antlers and hooves pose a great threat to your dog’s health because they are both hard and indigestible. Antlers or horns are a bit safer and will soften a bit when chewed. However, they are still quite dangerous, especially if your dog is a gulper.

Plastic chew toys can also be harmful. Aside from the fact that plastic is also hard and indigestible, it can also develop rough and pointy edges that may cause injuries.

Rawhide is not as dangerous as plastic or animal bones. Many dogs have no problem with chews made from rawhide. However, swallowing large chunks might cause gastrointestinal obstruction or blockage.

Digestible chews are considered much safer, although they do not guarantee 100% safety. Swallowing large chunks of digestible toys can also pose a threat. There are some popular choices regarding digestible dog chews.

Bully sticks are widely used in today’s dog world. They are very long lasting, safe and flavorful. The downside of bully sticks is that they smell quite badly.

Beef trachea, or “moo tubes” are exactly what they sound like. They contain chondroitin and glucosamine, which are great for the joints. Beef tracheas tend to be a bit more expensive than bully sticks, but don’t smell as bad.

Other animal parts including tendon, tripe, gullet or aortas are generally considered safe. Ears can pose a threat as they are comparable in digestibility to rawhide.


himalayan dog chew
himalayan dog chew



Himalayan yak milk is one of the healthiest foods in the world and is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. Dog chews made from yak milk are great for removing plaque and keeping the gums strong. Also, these chews are easily digestible and regarded as one of the safest choices you can make for your dog.

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Which chew should you choose for your dog?

Although edible toys may, at first sight, be the preferred choice due to their added safety, it should be noted that giving your dog too many edible toys may lead to vomiting, diarrhoea or overeating. That is why the best approach to choosing the right dog toys is to test it out for yourself by alternating non-edible and edible chews. As with anything in life, balance is key.


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