Cattery with love for your cats in Johor Bahru

Cattery with love for your cats in Johor Bahru

Cattery for your cats in JB

Cat sitter in JB
Cat sitter in JB

Are You Ready to Meet the Cat Slave?


Yes, this pet sitter loves cats so much that she considers herself as a cat slave. That said, you know she’ll shower your precious cat with lots of love and affection in her cattery!


As a cat owner, she understands how tough it is to find a trustworthy pet hotel. Just like many pet lovers, she’s not a fan of small enclosures offered by many commercial pet boarding kennels. She’s inspired to petsit other people’s cats while they’re on holidays, or when they go outstation for work. No cats left behind in her cattery!


Why hire a pet sitter? Just like humans, animals can also get lonely when they’re left alone for a long period of time.


Pet sitters are good at what they do (which is to take care of other people’s pets) because that’s what they’re being paid for, and of course, it’s their experience dealing with pets that get them hired in the first place. You can be rest assured that your cat will have a good stay with our pet sitter — so good that your pet may feel like you’ve never left home!


If you’ve always asked your friends and family to look after your pet while you’re away from home, perhaps it’s time for you to give them a break. People can get tired of it after sometime. Rather than troubling others, why not leave it to the professionals? What if your friends and families need to get out of town, too? When in doubt, get a pet sitter.


If you’re looking for a pet sitter in Johor Bahru, don’t hesitate to contact our pet sitter. To book this pet sitter, select your preferred cat boarding dates now using the calendar found on the right hand side of the pet sitter’s profile.

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