Book Your Pet a Pet hotel Before You Go

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Book Your Pet a Pet hotel Before You Go

Book Your Pet a Pet hotel Before You Go

Year end holiday

The holiday season is around the corner again. Since lots of travel deals are up for grab now, many people are already busy planning their holidays. Are you going somewhere, too? While you’re busy searching for your holiday accommodation, don’t forget to book a holiday home (Pet hotel) for your pet. Your pet deserves a retreat, too. You don’t want to leave it home alone, do you?

Of course, it would be nice to take your pet along this holiday — but if you can’t — at least your pet will have not just a place to go, but also someone with whom it can spend the holidays.


Why you should book now


  1. Limited spaces available in pet hotels

Pet hotels tend to be fully booked during this time of the year. Even if you manage to find a place for your pet, it might not be to your liking. If you start looking for your pet’s accommodation now, you’ll have enough time to decide which pet hotel or holiday home you prefer your pet to have.


  1. High surcharges for pet hotels

Not only is it challenging to find vacant spaces for your pet at the very last minute  (especially during the peak season), surcharges for pet hotels may also be expensive. Scarcity creates value.


  1. Limited number of pet sitters

Just like everybody else, pet sitters also want to celebrate their year-end holiday. Some of them are going out of town, too. It’s best that you book someone who’s going to be around during the holidays.


Benefits of booking early

There are good reasons why we encourage you to book a holiday home for your pet — early.


You can make arrangements for any special requests

If you book early, you can discuss with your pet sitter about other requests you may have in advance.


Say, you want your pet sitter to help you bathe your dog or cat. Or you’d like your pet sitter to take your pet for a walk. Maybe you’d also like to book your pet sitter even after the New Year. You can discuss about all these with your pet sitter if you do it early.


If you have more than one pet, you might even need two pet sitters. It depends on the availability of pet sitters. While some pet sitters don’t mind accepting more than one pet at a time, some may only take one.


You have one less thing to worry about

If you get your pet’s holiday sorted out early, you can plan yours with peace of mind. They say parents always put their kids first. As a pet parent, prioritising your pet is part of your responsibility.


You can save more money

As mentioned earlier, surcharges for pet hotels are usually high during this time of the year. That’s why you need to start planning your pet’s holiday now. At Petsodia, you can negotiate your price with your pet sitter. Who knows? You might be able to get a good price.


Pet hotel holiday
Pet hotel holiday

Travelling in the country?

If you’re travelling within the country by car, you don’t always have to pick a holiday home for your pet that’s close to home. Why not find a pet sitter in the area of your destination?


For example, if you’re travelling to Ipoh, you can book a holiday home for your pet around Ipoh. That way you won’t have to be far from your pet!


To book your pet sitter, visit our website today and start making arrangements for your pet’s holiday home.



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