8 Truths That Debunk Myths When It Comes To Cat Neutering

8 Truths That Debunk Myths When It Comes To Cat Neutering

Everyone wants to make the best decision regarding the life of his or her cat. Unfortunately, plenty of wrong information exists out there with regards to neutering (castration for male, spaying for females) their pet. Wrong information makes an important decision even more difficult.


Consequently, before making a decision, you need to take a moment to keenly run through the facts about the whole medical procedure. Here are the following eight truths that debunk myths when it comes to cat neutering.


Truth #1: Neutering doesn’t affect the ‘masculinity’ of a pet.

Myth Debunked: Neutering reduces a pet’s ‘masculinity’.


Unlike humans, pets don’t have the actual concept of their sexuality. Therefore, neutering will never change the natural disposition of your pet. For instance, neutering your male cat doesn’t render them useless for guarding or protection. Moreover, this surgery doesn’t affect the natural instinct of your pet in any way.


Environmental factors and genetics are more responsible for a cat’s personality and intelligence than sex hormones. According to experts, what sterilization does is decrease the levels of testosterone in the body, resulting in huge health benefits. One of the benefits of cat neutering is reducing the risks of cancerous diseases and other forms of infections.


Truth #2: Neutering is pocket-friendly.

Myth Debunked: Neutering is extremely costly.


Choosing not to neuter your cat might cost you more at the end. Ultimately, you’re responsible for the life of your pet, whether you choose to have them adopted or make them part of your household. The good thing is that plenty of pocket-friendly options are available for those in need of sterilization surgeries for pets. Pricing varies by vet office and region.


Truth #3: Neutering is healthy for all ages.

Myth Debunked: My pet has to be 6 months to be sterilized.


Did you know that the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends early age neutering? What does this mean? It means you can neuter your pet even at the age of two months. The surgery can also be done to animals with the weight of 2 pounds. Early age sterilization does not only protect the cat’s health, but it also means that it can recover quickly.


Truth #4: Neutering isn’t directly responsible for the increase in weight.

Myth Debunked: Sterilization is directly responsible for gain in weight.


While neuter surgery decreases the level of sex hormones, which in turn slows down a pet’s metabolism, most animals become overweight due to a lack of exercise and appropriate diet. Some cat owners feed their pets with food quantities based on personal preferences or what is recommended by the pet feed manufacturer.


The truth is that the food recommendations aren’t healthy for all pets. Some might need more amount, while others only need less than the recommended food quantity. Factors such as individual activity level, size, and breed should determine the amount of food you give to your cat.


Truth #5: Neutering surgery isn’t risky.

Myth Debunked: Neutering procedures are complicated and risky.


As long as you consult an experienced, reputable, and certified veterinarian, neutering surgeries are highly safe. The risk of complications is extremely low. That is for sure.


Truth #6: Female cats don’t need one litter before spaying.

Myth Debunked: The opposite is the truth.


This is a highly dangerous myth. Medical evidence suggests that cats that undergo surgery prior to their maiden heat rarely develop mammary glands. Spaying your female cat early mitigates the risk of breast cancer and prevents uterine infections.


Truth #7: Each kitten is unique, don’t expect more.

Myth Debunked: “My cat is special; I need one just like him.”


Kittens have an almost zero chance of becoming a carbon copy of your pet. That is the sweet or blatant truth everyone should know.


Truth #8: You can control the decision of other pet owners.

Myth Debunked: “I can find great homes for my kittens.”


While you can find homes for your kittens, you can’t control the decisions that other folks make with their pets.


Wrapping It All Up…

Unquestionably, neutering procedures are highly beneficial to your cat. The surgery is associated with increased longevity and health benefits. According to this study, sterilization raised life expectancy in male animals by around 13.8 percent while 26.3 percent in females. Therefore, it’s quite clear that neutering boasts immense benefits to your pet.


Sadly, people have come up with a host of myths regarding this procedure. These misconceptions have led many pet owners to make uninformed decisions, some of which have been grave. To avoid making such irrational decisions, it’s important to know the above information to debunk the myths luring around cat neutering.


Guest post by: AJ Henry.

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