8 Dog Facts You Might Not Know

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8 Dog Facts You Might Not Know

Not all dog owners are knowledgeable about their furry friends. What about you? How much do you know about dogs? Below are 8 dog facts you might not know.

1. Dogs have a better sense of smell than humans

A black young dogYou probably know this already. But you might not know that their noses have more scent receptors than you — millions of them! For example, a Dachshund has 125 million receptors while a human has about 5 million. That means a Dachshund is better at identifying smell than you are. For that reason, this dog breed is often used in police forces to find explosives, corpses, and drugs.

2. Dogs dream like humans

I’ve seen my dogs moving their feet and making sounds while they sleep. I never knew why until I found out that dogs actually dream too. Just like humans! Studies have found that the sleeping patterns and brain activity of sleeping dogs are similar to ours. It was also proven that the smaller dog breeds dream more than the larger ones.  

3. Newly-born puppies don’t see or hear

Yes, they’re blind and deaf at birth. That’s because it takes time for their eyesight and hearing to develop. They usually can see and hear sounds about two weeks after being born.

4. A dog’s mouth shouldn’t smell

You must have already smelled your dog’s breath and it’s probably an unpleasant smell. If your dog’s mouth stinks really bad, don’t ignore it. It’s not because that’s normal for a dog. It can be a sign of dental illness due to poorly-maintained dental care. It can also be a sign of health problems. It’s always recommended to have your dog’s teeth checked by the veterinarian once a year.

5. Dogs can detect unseen things

Yes, they’re better at detecting things around them; better than me. My dogs always barked at night. I always thought they may have seen some small animals that were moving around the house. But did you know that dogs are also known to have the ability to predict catastrophic things like natural disasters? There were also reports about dogs that had the ability to sense human illnesses. Wow, isn’t that amazing?

6. Dogs can understand your feelings

A young girl hugging a puppy
17160536 – a young girl hugging a puppy

What makes dogs special? They can read your face and understand how you feel! So when you’re mad, sad, or happy, your dog is able to feel the emotions you’re projecting based on your facial expressions.

7. Dogs are prone to cancer

If you think cancer is just for humans, you’re wrong. Dogs can get cancer too. Over the age of 10, 50% of dogs develop cancer such as Lymphoma. It is one of the most common tumours in dogs.

8. Thunderstorms are painful for any dog

Have you ever seen your dog running away and hiding somewhere after hearing a thunderstorm? That’s because the sounds of thunderstorms are painful for any dog to hear. When your dog finds a place to hide, that clearly indicates that it is scared and in pain.

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