6 Things Only Poodle Owners Will Know

6 Things Only Poodle Owners Will Know

The Poodle is one of the world’s most popular dog breeds. Although it often gets the misconception for being “spoilt”, this is a dog with beauty and brain. Just like any other dogs you can think of, it has the criteria that any dog owners want. Here are 6 things only Poodle owners will know.

Two poodle dogs

1. It is smart and easy to train

The Poodle is a very trainable dog and this is definitely something that all Poodle owners already know. In fact, it comes second after the Border Collie when it comes to intelligence and this is a fact that animal behaviourists can agree on. The Poodle learns thing quickly, so it won’t take long before your Poodle learns about house training, which is something that has to be taught from a very young age.

2. It’s an amazing performer

Owning a Poodle also means that you’ll always have a friend to jog with at your local parks. The Poodle is known to excel in obedience tricks and circus performances. Training them is always full of fun and if you’ve ever imagined yourself and your Poodle performing in a dog competition, it is a great candidate for such a thing. Maybe your dog can be the next dog champion. Who knows? P.S. They can walk on hind legs! How awesome (and adorable) is that?

3. It’s loyal, loving, and loveable

The Poodle is an affectionate and loving dog, which is why you’ll see this breed serving as assistants in old folks homes, in the police force, and so on. The typical Poodle is usually an extrovert. For that reason, the Poodle always seems sociable, playful, and energetic. It likes to be the centre of attention. Performing tricks for others is one of the ways to seek attention from its owners and the people around it. The Poodle is also very protective of its family. The breed is perfect for individuals with very young children.

4. It’s a dog breed that doesn’t shed

This is one of the Poodle’s advantages. The breed does not have fur. Instead, it has hair that continues to grow until it’s finally time for a serious haircut. So if you have dog allergies, this is the best dog breed for you! Sure, such a characteristic can keep your clothes and sofas fur-free. But the cost of grooming your Poodle can be very expensive. This is a dog that requires high maintenance. Seriously, your Poodle will spend more time at the groomer more than you do at the hair salon. Even if that’s the case, any Poodle owner wouldn’t mind that.  

5. It is every Poodle owner’s living teddy bear

If there is one word to describe the Poodle, it’s definitely the word “cute”. Any Poodle owner will also compare it to the teddy bear of their dreams. No matter what colour it is, it’ll always look like a cute teddy bear. It comes in three different sizes: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. The Toy is the most popular and is usually a lap dog for Poodle owners. But they must never be underestimated for their size. The Toy may be small, but it’s just as intelligent and agile as the miniature and the standard.

6. It’s an awesome swimmer

Originally bred to retrieve birds from the water for hunters, the Poodle is known for its ability to swim. It’s not just a dog that can swim. It’s a strong swimmer. So whenever you need a swimming buddy, a Poodle will always be happy to take a dip with you!


I’ve revealed the 6 things only Poodle owners will know. Now that you already know all about them, are you interested to invite a Poodle to join your family?


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