6 Reasons Why Bulldogs Are Special

29. November 2016 Dog Breeds, Uncategorized 0
6 Reasons Why Bulldogs Are Special

While some people may find Bulldogs unattractive, there are many dog lovers out there who find them unique and adorable. It doesn’t matter what some people may say about how these creatures look. I think they’re cute in many ways. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. In fact, Bulldogs have gained popularity among dog lovers, making it one of the top 24 most famous dog breeds in the world.

Bulldogs may not be the easiest to raise, but there are many things about them that make them special. Just like other dog breeds, Bulldogs are also loyal and fun. They’re trainable, intelligent, and agile. Even celebrities like Jessica Alba, David Beckham, and Zac Efron love Bulldogs! Here are 6 reasons why Bulldogs are special.

They’ll always protect you

Bulldogs don’t like intruders. They’ll protect their owners and will fight anybody whom they consider to be a threat to the family, regardless of any sizes. Their protective attitude make them excellent watchdogs, and they can bark very loud; loud enough to wake up your neighbours.

They can get along with people easily

While you can find plenty of Youtube videos of dogs getting along with kids, the truth is not all dogs are suitable for kids of all ages. Bulldogs are one of the best family dogs. They’re very easy-going and peaceful creatures, and they enjoy being surrounded by people, especially kids.

They’ll join you for late night movies on your couch

While you’re stuck to your TV all night, eating snacks, and acting like a typical couch potato, your Bulldog will be more than happy to join you. Bulldogs love nothing more than some good relaxing times on the couch. You wouldn’t have to worry about them misbehaving while you’re focused on your movies. I’ll have to warn you that they sometimes snore when they sleep!

They get along with other animals

Unlike most active dogs, Bulldogs spend most of their time ‘chillin’. They’re probably the most laid-back dog breed on earth. Even the most mischievous cat (if you have any) will not be able to annoy them. Bulldogs can probably win an award for being the most patient dogs on the planet. Indeed, no nonsense is too difficult for them to tolerate.

They came from a family of strong fighters

Did you know that these loving creatures were once bred to be fierce fighters? Although Bulldogs no longer aggressive like their ancestors, they’re still known for their courage. Bred to be docile and gentle to humans for the past 50 years, the breed has now become one of the best dog breeds for families.

They’re gentle and helpful to those who need them

The Poodles aren’t the only dogs that are known for their kindness and support to individuals in need; Bulldogs are also known for their contributions to the human society. Bulldogs make very good therapy dogs, and many of them have already served in the homes of the sick and disabled.

Have you ever thought of raising a Bulldog? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments below!

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