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How We Changed Our Pets’ World

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Pets are family; that’s how pet owners like us look at our pets, and we are aware that they, too, need our tender care and attention. Pet lovers aren’t necessarily pet owners – many of them love animals and wish to keep one too, but are afraid to adopt due to hectic schedules. Pet owners on the other hand are always occupied with work and would sometimes go outstation for that matter –and because of this, many of them rely on pet boarding services. Unfortunately, pet boarding services are nothing like our hotels – there is no freedom and pets are caged for a certain period of time. They will be left alone for as long as their ‘parents’ are away.

Ask yourself this question: would you leave your pet in a cage if you had to be away for over a week? Many said that they would certainly not do that if they had a chance to keep them in a better place – and that is why we are here, to give your pets the treatment they deserve for being part of your family!

Don’t keep your pets in a kennel! Join Petsodia now – an online platform that connects pet owners to pet sitters – so you can have your pets settle down in a comfortable environment while you’re away. Whether you’ve got dogs, cats, hamsters or even exotic animals, Petsodia ensures that your dear pets will enjoy a fun holiday with our pet sitters even when you’re not around!

Petsodia is now expanding its network all across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. With your support, we hope to grow our pet lover community and take our mission to the next level. Help us spread the word and share the love!

Our vision:

  • To help pet owners find pet-sitters who can care for their pets while they’re away
  • To help pet lovers earn casual income as pet-sitters. If you’re serious in becoming a full-time pet-sitter, Petsodia is a great platform to get you started!

Your Earnings

You can potentially earn RM 35-60 per day when you pet sit from the comfort of your home. Earn more when you take care of more pets!

To all pet owners, if Petsodia is for you, come and join us now, and let your pet enjoy a good and pleasant vacation while you are having yours! As for aspiring pet sitters, we encourage you to be part of this project and earn from doing what you love!