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Petsodia connects and finds a sweet home for your pet when you are away. Not an ordinary pet hotel.

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These people are caring, lovely and will treat your pets like their own!

Adrian 国俊- Petsodia Pet Sitter

Adrian 国俊

CY's warm pet house- Petsodia Pet Sitter

CY's warm pet house

Wawa Pet Stay- Petsodia Pet Sitter

Wawa Pet Stay

They say 'the merrier the better'. We think so too! Invite your friends.

Be a Petsodian and have fun in our growing community.

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Pet owners can now easily find a pet-sitter who can care for their furkids while they are away.


Talk about any topics about your furkids with other pet owners and pet lovers.

Earn casual income

If you’re serious in becoming a full-time pet-sitter, Petsodia is a great platform to get you started!

We are you

Every Petsodia staff here are pet owners too and we want the best for our furkids, even when we are not around.

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